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The Best Energy Efficient Ideas for Your Roof

An energy-efficient home is the ideal home of today. Energy efficiency is not just a fancy trend that’s sweeping the nation as well as most of the world. After all, it can help you keep your energy bills down. And you wouldn’t want to deal with the rising costs of cooling or heating your home if you can help it at all.

One way to guarantee that you have an energy-efficient home is by having an energy-efficient roof. Not only will it help you save on energy costs, but also contribute to prolonging the lifespan of your roof. There are just plenty of benefits to having an energy-efficient roof

You could use a few nice ideas on how you can increase your roof’s energy efficiency. Check out below and marvel at some of the best energy-efficient ideas for your roof:

Energy Efficient Idea #1 – Choose Cooler Roofing Materials

The kind of materials used in a roof impacts its level of energy efficiency. You need to consciously look for those roofing materials, though. And when you do actively look for them, you’ll realize that there are several nice options for you. The most budget-friendly option available for you is white metal roofing. It is capable of reflecting as much as 65 to 80 % of solar energy. Another advantage of using white metal roofing is its ability to hold heat for shorter lengths compared to other roofing materials. This results in a cooler interior for your home.

Energy Efficient Idea #2 – Choose a Lighter Color

Choosing a lighter color for your roof is another step toward ensuring that your roof is more energy-efficient. You’ll have to choose a lighter shade of color for the shingle you’ll use on your roof. The lighter color will help reflect the heat away from your home and make it cooler in the process. Avoid darker colored roofs as much as you can since it is going to absorb the heat that comes from the sun. And the warmer your roof becomes, the harder your AC unit has to work and that will lead to higher energy bills.

Energy Efficient Idea #3 – Add Proper Insulation

One more cool idea to make your roof more energy efficient is to add proper insulation. Having proper insulation is not just going to help keep your home cool,

it will also keep the temperature throughout your home more even. Insulation is also instrumental in helping prolong the lifespan of your roof. It does this by preventing moisture from being trapped in the attic. This also helps prevent the growth of mold, which can be dangerous for you and your family’s health.

Energy Efficient Idea #4 – Cool Roof Coating is Essential

This next energy-efficient idea is perfect for those who aren’t yet prepared to have a new roof installed. It might be because they don’t have the budget for it or they feel that it’s not yet time to have their old roof replaced. It involves getting a cool roof coating. This will help make your roof last longer. On top of that, a new cool coating is also going to help reduce the level of thermal shock absorbed by your roof every day. This certainly makes it one of the best energy-efficient ideas for your roof, in addition to what we’ve already listed above.

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